Meet The Roof It Pros Team

At Roof It Pros, we are proud to have a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering quality roofing services and exceptional customer service to our Texas neighbors. Each member of our team brings unique skills and a lot of expertise. Get to know the faces behind Roof It Pros:


Brandon | CEO

Brandon Miles, our dynamic CEO, launched his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 with a family-owned commercial and residential floor cleaning business. With prior experience living in Brazil, Brandon is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, enhancing our business connections in Central Texas.

Whether working or playing, Brandon enjoys spending his entire day with his family, making them the heart of both his personal and professional life.


Dylan | Sales Manager

Dylan Miles, our motivating Sales Manager, transitioned from a career as a narcotics detective to find fulfillment in the roofing industry. In 2023 he moved his fun wife and adorable daughters from California to Texas to significantly ramp up our roofing business. A seasoned sales leader, Dylan brings valuable experience from door-to-door sales and a passion for helping others.

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Eric | CFO

Eric Miles, our dedicated CFO, received an early, in-depth training as a teenager from his father, a custom home builder in southern Idaho.

Eric co-founded the business with Brandon in 2010, expanded into roofing in 2018, and welcomed Dylan on board in 2023. With a work-hard, play-hard attitude, Eric has an adventurous side. He loves traveling, hunting, and fishing with his family by his side.


JoAnne | Office Manager

JoAnne Miles, our essential Office Manager, brings prior construction experience to the team. She is the glue that holds everything together! As a born and raised Austinite, she enjoys spending time exploring the city with her husband, Brandon, and their four active children.


Natalie | Marketing Manager

Natalie Miles brings a wealth of experience as our Marketing Manager, leveraging her background as a successful real estate agent.

With an understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, Natalie works with other marketing professionals and the team to focus on business growth. She enjoys spending quality time with their children and 14 grandchildren, which includes traveling to see them for special events and vacations!